A Study on Separation Anxiety in Dogs

dog separation anxiety cure study

I recently came across a study on separation anxiety in dogs

conducted by A. L. Podberscek, Y. Hsu and J. A. Serpell titled ‘Evaluation of clomiprimine as an adjunct to behavioural therapy in the treatment of separation-related problems in dogs’ (ie dog separation anxiety). I found this article very interesting because it supports everything about curing dog separation anxiety that I have shared on this website. As you know if you have read my blog and followed me on Facebook, I am not an advocate for using prescription medications to cure dog separation anxiety. I much prefer natural methods of calming mixed with positive dog training.

In a study of fourty-nine dogs showing signs of separation-related problems (dog separation anxiety) the researchers found that: ‘The typical signs of separation-related behaviour problems were not significantly affected by treatment with clomipramine, but behavioural therapy on its own was highly effective in reducing behavioural problems.’

I find this very interesting and great news for dogs! This means less of them have to be on un-needed and hard dog separation anxiety drugs!

The research is all there so don’t wait to start training your dog to help cure his or her dog separation anxiety! Check out our dog separation anxiety cure program to start helping your dog today.

Happy Dog Training,
Sarah & Manchego the Anxious Dog

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