Ten Exercises to help Dog Separation Anxiety

Well summer is here and that means nicer weather (hopefully!). With the nicer weather brings lots of opportunities for dog owners to take their dogs out and do fun things with them! And my mom always says, exercise is a huge help with dog separation anxiety!

Here are my top ten favorite exercises that helped my dog separation anxiety:

1. Walk

There is nothing like a nice long walk with my mom and dad to tire me out! I love it when my owners let me stop and sniff things and read pee-mail!

2. Play Fetch With a Ball (or keep-away in my case!)

This is my sister’s favorite game and I love it too! We really like the orange Chuck-it balls! BEST-BALLS-EVER!

3. Go for a Hike

Every summer my mom and dad take us up mountains on hikes! It’s so great to smell all of the wild animals and see the new places! I’m usually tired for days after a hike like that!

4. Go for a Swim

Swimming is probably the best thing EVER in summer! I can do it for WAY longer than other exercise because it keeps me cool!

5. Hunt for Bunnies

I like chasing bunnies, but my sister Brie LOVES to hunt them. She gets so tired from sniffing around looking for them. Sometimes I help her but sometimes I get bored and eat grass instead.

6. Practice Obedience and Tricks In a New Environment

This can be very difficult for me! I find it hard to focus when there are all kinds of new and exciting things going on around me! This can make me very tired mentally after I have to focus so much!

7. Dig!

Nothing better than doing a little digging… of course ONLY in the places your owners allow you to! I love it when my mom buries stuff int he sand and I have to dig it out. So much fun!

Here is a video of me and my sister Brie digging!

8. Go On a Bike Ride! (a swim at the end to cool down is a bonus!)

This is the ultimate tire me out fast exercise! I like to tug on the leash and try to pull my mom and dad faster… they can’t even bike as fast as I can run!

9. Go for a Run With My Favorite Human

Running with my dad is also so much fun! I get very tired but it’s nice to have a partner to run with, and it is a little slower than biking so I can also see what is going on around me!

10. Play Outdoor Search!

This is my favorite game! Mom hides treats or a toy and I get to search for it! It is really hard outside and boy oh boy does it tire me out to use my nose that much!

Hope you are all having a great summer and this will help you be tired so you don’t have as much dog separation anxiety!

Woof! Manchego the Anxious Dog.

Ps. Don’t forget to check out our Dog Separation Anxiety Program! These are all of the things my mom did to help me get over my dog separation anxiety!

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  1. Sheri June 28, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    Except for the bunny hunt this could work for humans too! Great list Manchie!

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