10 Things I Learned from Patricia McConnel

1. There are some things we can smell better than dogs

2. Dogs are much more likely to eat something if they smell it on the muzzle of another dog

3. Animals that live around humans vocalize more

4. Dog vision in terms of identifying people is very limited

5. Short Rapid sounds vs. Slow sounds to excite or calm dogs

6. Dogs are red and green blind. Yellow and Blue toys are the best for their vision.

7. Signs of Stress: Sniffing, looking away, stiff body and closed mouth, fight flight freeze or frantic, yawning, tongue flick, whale eye.

8. The look most people identify as ‘guilty’ on a dogs face is actually a look of appeasement (not guilt!)

9. Humans are primates and we like to pat dogs, they find this annoying.

10. Hugging a dog is considered very rude and possibly threatening by the dogs (NEVER do this to a dog you do not know very well!)

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