Thundershirt (Thunderjacket) for Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog Anxiety Thundershirt

Thundershirt for Dog Separation Anxiety

The Thundershirt (or Thunder blanket) is one of our favorite tools for helping cure separation anxiety in dogs. On the Thundershirt Website they have many testimonials from vets, pet owners and dog trainers alike raving about how well they work in contributing to anxious dogs calming down! I myself can add to those testimonials. My dog Manchego is very anxious in temperament. When we first picked him up from the breeder he was barking at a plant because it freaked him out! He has developed dog separation anxiety which we have cured with the help of the Thundershirt.

It works by putting gentle, constant pressure on your dog to make them feel calm and relaxed. They use similar pressure techniques on livestock when they administer vaccines and it helps to calm them as well.  I imagine wearing the Thundershirt for an anxious dog is like being swaddled in a cozy blanket that is reassuring and comforting.

We found that it really worked for Manchego the Anxious Dog… but for his confident sister Brie it made her a little uncomfortable. She probably needs a bit of conditioning and training with it in order for her to feel good while wearing it. I’m sure wearing a tight shirt for some dogs must seem strange. Your dog might need a bit of conditioning too. Manchego on the other hand just needed one treat when I put it on the first time and he was good to go. It instantly made him feel better and cure his dog anxiety!

And don’t forget to get yours to help you dog’s separation anxiety today. If your dog has a very low level of dog separation anxiety this might be all you need to cure the dog separation anxiety. It might be the best $36 that you’ve ever spent!

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