Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Is your dog going through the pain and suffering of dog separation anxiety?

Symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs may include some or all of the following:

  • Is your dog anxious and stressed when you leave?
  • Is your dog’s separation anxiety disturbing your neighbors with his howling and crying sometimes?
  • Is your anxious dog defecating in the house when left home alone?
  • Is your dog’s anxiety causing her to destroy furniture and other valuable items?
  • Is your anxious dog depressed when you put your shoes and jacket on?
  • Does your dog’s separation anxiety cause him to follow you around when you are home even to the bathroom?
  • Is your dog’s separation anxiety causing him to mutilating himself when left alone?
  • Is your anxious dog over-excited upon your return?

Dog Separation Anxiety is one of the top problems that dog owners face. If your dog destroys furniture, pees or poops inside or howls and cries the entire time you are away then he or she probably has Separation Anxiety. Thousands of pet owners are right there with you including me! Don’t worry, there is help!

After my dog Manchego destroyed a friend’s carpet, costing me over a thousand dollars to replace, I finally decided to get help! Using the Curing Dog Separation Anxiety program, Manchego and I have learned to treat and cure his separation anxiety.

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