How to help a dog with separation anxiety

There are two options to help a dog with separation anxiety:

  1. Dog Separation Anxiety Medication
  2. Training to alleviate separation anxiety in dogs

While medication may be the easy way out it is not necessarily the best thing to help an anxious dog. Some dog separation anxiety medications can have serious side-effects when given long term. They can affect the liver and other organs causing serious and permanent damage. Separation Anxiety medications can also decrease bite inhibition and increase aggression making your dog more dangerous in other situations. If you need to use drugs it is always best used as a short-term treatment while you work on training a more mentally stable dog. I was lucky enough to help Manchego without the use of medications but some dogs are simply too anxious and really need medications in conjunction with behavior modification training.

There is also a third option to helping your anxious dog! We cured Manchego’s dog separation anxiety with a mix of training and natural remedies.

We use these natural remedies to cure dog separation anxiety:

Be the best owner you can be and put an end to the suffering and separation anxiety that your dog is experiencing. For tips and tricks be sure to check out the Anxious Dog Blog, and don’t forget to check out the Seperation Anxiety in Dogs: Tools Page!