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Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety after Travel

Woof! Hi friends, I know I have been away for a while and not posting. My family went on a vacation and I haven’t had any time to get caught up! After being with my parents for a week straight driving in the car, camping and hiking my sister and I were a bit worried […]

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Dog Separation Anxiety Cure Exercise Pens

Dog Separation Anxiety Cure Exercise Pens

When my sister and me have dog separation anxiety we tend to get into things that aren’t very good for us…like prescription drugs and garbage! We’ve both been to the emergency room for eating things we shouldn’t have! Luckily in our new house we have a room that we can be kept in safely. I […]

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3 Dog Separation Anxiety Cure Tips for Thanksgiving

Well, it’s just about that time of year again where humans get to eat yummy tasty turkey and us poor dogs don’t get ANY! We get tortured smelling it all day but never get to eat it. Some dogs get left home alone even with their dog separation anxiety while their owners go out and […]

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3 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Certified Dog Trainer for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

I hope that our tips here are helping you and you with your dog separation anxiety but sometimes you need to call in the big guns! A positively focuses professionally certified dog trainer will be able to observer your dog’s behaviors and help you find the root cause of the dog separation anxiety. Here are […]

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